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$416,265.22 Generated Q1 2022 18% Increase YoY

Backstory On This Client:

18% increase in growth compared to the previous Q1 2021. This is an Ecomm client who is quickly becoming the industry leader in the jewerly niche. We've been helping them optimize their Facebook Ads and set up profitable TikTok Ads. Because of their good Email & SMS Marketing, Google Ads, and YouTube Ads they've truly achieved Omnipresence.

$8836,98=> $28403,49 In 30 Days

Backstory On This Client:

This is a client in the Luxury Jewelry niche and wanted a true omnipresent approach with their ads on different platforms. We've helped them get consistently 3-4 ROAS each month with a solid foundation of proper tracking and ad content creation to never fall into the trap of "ad fatigue" , "testing phase" or "tracking issues".

$2120,32 => $9499,57 In 30 Days

Backstory On This Client:

This is a client in the Luxury Hat niche and has never ran ads before; we quickly scaled within the first months to generate 4.48x ROAS consistently. No "learning phase" excuses, we delivered quick results to get the momentum going and now we can confidently & profitably start scaling while keeping the ROAS around 3x-5x.

1228.08% Increase In Revenue

Backstory On This Client:

1228.08% increase in growth compared to the previous 12 months. This is an Ecomm client who is quickly becoming the industry leader in the womens supplement niche specifically. They started with us in September of 2019 and since then we've been able to help them go barely breaking even to six figures. They were shooting in the dark when it came to advertising which severely limited their growth and harmed profit margins. Once we came onboard, we straightened out their sales funnel and offer, implemented deep platform strategies, and cohesively combined them into 1 behemoth scaling operation.  

$7731.54 => $21880.26 In 30 Days 

Backstory On This Client:

This is an Ecomm client who specializes in the jewelry niche. Prior to becoming our client, they weren't satisfied with their current result. After increasing their ad budget their ROAS started to drop, that's where we came in and helped them scale. They had everything in place to scale: good loyal customers and loyalty campaign but needed a true partner that helped them take an eagle eye view on their digital marketing efforts and scale efficiently with at least 3x ROAS consistently.

$782.43 => $6828.63 In 16 Days 

Backstory On This Client:

This is an Ecomm client who specializes in the health and wellness niche. Prior to becoming our client, their main median of advertising was influencer marketing which took them from $0 - $50k MRR but then they were capped out. There was only so much scale they could experience with influencer marketing and so that's where we came in. They'd never run a single paid ad before and so starting from complete scratch, we were able to ramp them up to $200k + MRR (solely from our paid traffic) in 8 months with a 15+ monthly ROAS.

€1,680.57 => €10,925 In 30 Days

Backstory On This Client:

Strong USPs are vital for any brand to have in order to routinely generate any type of profitable results at scale. It's a non-negotiable. This is a tech-based Ecomm client who not only has strong USPs but also has a very strong product-market-fit. They received one of our outbound emails (because we could see from a birds-eye view that this specific brand was not utilizing paid traffic to the heights they should've) and they ended up getting on a call with us to discuss how we could help them in more depth. We showed the sheer amount of money they were leaving on the table by not having a solid paid traffic funnel in place and not having the ability to confidently spend $x to generate a sale for $(x*3, 4, 5+). Fast forward a couple of months after they became a client and we are now able to spend just under $15, at scale, to acquire a customer that's worth roughly $75 straight off the bat (excluding LTV of the specific customer). We are now on track to scale the monthly ad budget over $200k whilst maintaining hyper profitable margins. 

$1,305.91 => 898 Purchases In 58 Days 

Backstory On This Client:

This is real-life proof that 'fiercely ramping isn't brain surgery and it can be achieved in 3 months or less. This was a newly launched info product in September 2020 and within the first 3 months of being life, thanks to correctly executed paid traffic, we were able to ramp this client from $0 to $80k generated whilst maintaining a healthy 4.8 ROAS. This is what happens when you pair a high converting sales process, a product that has a product-market fit, and extremely effective paid to advertise. This client is now sat at $100k MRR with $20k - $30k in monthly adspend. 

€1,618.70 => €13.3k In 30 Days

Backstory On This Client:

A new client that had everything in place except a proper Facebook Ad strategy, a high-ticket info-product client who we're able to get to 8.22 ROAS in just 30 days!

417.90% Increase In Organic Search

Ranked #1 Organically, Maps, Google's Knowledge Graph

Backstory On This Client:

Thanks to our Omnipresent approach Sincity smash was able to expand their operations to a new facility within one year, and become the authority within their Industry.

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